The Trabocchi Coast



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The Trabocco is an old fishing machine typical of the coast of Abruzzo, Molise and Gargano. According with some historians, this imposing wooden platforms was invented in the region imported from Phoenicians, and it is still used for fishing. Their shape combined with the distinction of being suspended above the sea makes them one of the main attractions of the area. Their strong concentration between Ortona and Vasto has meant that this stretch of coast was named Trabocchi Coast.

Most of the trabocchi can be visited by tourist and some of theme, like the nearby Trabocco Valle Grotte or Trabocco Pesce Palombo, have been transformed into fine restaurants where you can make appetizer at sunset and dinner in the evening. The Trabocco Turchino, the only one still owned by the City, it was recently rebuilt and is easily accessible from the beach Calata Turchino. At this address you can discover the history of all the trabocchi present in San Vito Chietino:


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